Men Are the Only Option, (Thank God!)

I recently did something stupid as a man. This is not all that unusual. I do stupid things all the time, (see the aforementioned "man"). What was unusual is that I came to a brilliant conclusion because of my stupidity: Thank God men are the only option, (let me explain).  Men are a fascinating species. … Continue reading Men Are the Only Option, (Thank God!)


Based on Daniel 3:8-30 The silence was immense. The three men had never known how something as simple as silence could be so heavy. They each stood there, with nothing but the weight of their own clothing, but the silence pulled down on their shoulders and their heads as if great black sandbags were tied … Continue reading Courage

Observations on Irony and What We Do About It

We live in an ironic world. It's like living in a Salvador Dali painting. Up is seen as down. Right is wrong. Good is viewed as evil. Philosophies resulting in death are trusted to provide life and freedom. What irony surrounds the unbeliever! They are enslaved to sin, yet told they are free. Believing they are enlightened, their … Continue reading Observations on Irony and What We Do About It