Dates with Your Kids and Potty Humor

This Saturday I went on a breakfast date with one of my daughters and got to hear her insightful opinion on medicine commercials. Out of the blue she shared the following: Annie: "My least favorite commercials are the commercials for medicine because they always have weird side effects, like diarrhea or swollen tongues..."Why does there … Continue reading Dates with Your Kids and Potty Humor

The Mystery of Children

Today let us examine one of the great mysteries considered by parents everywhere. It's one of the truly baffling baffles which ever baffled a baffler, (shout-out to Dr. Seuss). Scientists have pondered. Investigators have investigated. Physicists have physicized. Journalists have journaled. Politicians have put forth legislation. Instructors have instructed. All around the world the great and mighty, … Continue reading The Mystery of Children