About Me

My name is Travis Hendley. Here at the So What Ramblings blog my staff and I, (and by staff, I mean me), are rambling on about the Bible, the family, and life all while trying to answer the question “so what?”

So what if the Bible says (blank)? What does that have to do with me? So what if my children are driving me crazy? What do I do about it? How does truth and grace intersect with real life in a meaningful way? So what?

I live near Greenville, SC, with my wife and three kids. I am afraid of clowns, mimes, and snakes. Christian interpretive dance also makes me uncomfortable.

Feel free to tell me about yourself and your thoughts on my posts. Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a joy it is to discover your thoughts and to be able to share in your life this way! The “Old Man” and your mom did a fabulous job and I know are so very proud! Keep writing!! We need more Godly men teaching and sharing what it looks like to live life!


  2. So, Travis, today was the first time I knew about your Ramblings and blog…thanks to your mama and our sisterhood relationship, and I thoroughly enjoyed the reading today, July 6th, 2016. It really read like a conversation with God. I especially liked your humor with God and His with you/Abraham. I hope you keep at it. Bless you!!!


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