Abraham, the writer, talks to God

[Today’Abraham%20on%20the%20plains%20of%20Mamre%20(Grant%20Romney%20Clawson,%20(c)%20IRI)s blog features quotations from the THNSIWV Bible, i.e. The Travis Hendley, Not So Inspired  Writer’s Version, Genesis 18:20-33.]

And the Lord spoke to Abraham the writer and said, “Abraham, I’ve seen you slacking off on your writing. I want you to keep writing, blogging, and otherwise perfecting your craft as a writer. By the way, I’m about to wipe out Sodom.”

Abraham: “Whoa, stinks for Sodom. Would you mind rescuing Lot, my cousin?”

The Lord: “Yes, I’ll take care of Lot, but don’t change the subject. Get back to writing on a regular basis.”

Abraham: “But Lord, if there are only 30 people who read my blog, should I continue to write?”

The Lord: “For the sake of thirty people, you should continue to write.”

Abraham: “But Lord, say there are only 20 people who read my blog, and I’m related to 6 of those people, so they kind of have to read my stuff anyway. So it’s really even fewer people who read my stuff. Should I then continue to write?”

The Lord: “It doesn’t matter if it’s only 20 people and they happen to include your mother, wife, father, mother in law, and second cousin once removed. Keep writing.”

Abraham: “But Lord, seriously. I work all day, take care of the kids, (okay, my wife mostly does that), take out the dog, take out the trash, and by that time I just want to watch Netflix , spend time with you and then go to bed. How am I supposed to find the energy and time to write? Besides, only 10 people read my last blog. Do I really have to keep writing?”

The Lord: “For the sake of 10 people, you should keep writing.”

Abraham: “Oh come on!” (Thunder booms and lightning flashes in the background). “I mean, O Sovereign Lord, please do not squish me in your anger, but may I ask why I should keep writing? I’m not making any money from this and there just doesn’t seem to be a point. You’ve already got good writers out there like Lori Roeleveld, Lynn Huggins Blackburn, and James Watkins–”

The Lord, (interrupting): “Now you’re just shamelessly mentioning other authors to get them to read your stuff.”

Abraham: “Sorry.”

The Lord: “Cut it out.”

Abraham. “Yes, well, my point is, that you’ve got good writers out there already. Have you seen the Christian bookstores out there? What do I have to offer that hasn’t already been said?”

The Lord: “What about 1 Peter 4:10, where I say that each person should use the gift I’ve given them as good stewards of God’s grace? Or in 1 Corinthians 12 where I talk about how each member of the body of Christ is significant and meaningful, regardless of their level of gifting or visibility?”

Abraham: “Well technically you’re quoting New Testament passages to an Old Testament guy, so I theoretically have never heard of those verses.”

The Lord: “Yes, and technically you’re quoting from the Travis Hendley version of the Bible to write this blog AND I should squash you for arguing Scripture with me. You sound like Satan. Stop it.”

Abraham: “Good point. Sorry.”

The Lord: “I get it. You’re a writer. You argue semantics.

The point is, I made you who you are, I gave you specific experiences, personality, and training which no one else has. It’s the same thing with any other writer. You’re all different. You’ve all got something meaningful to offer, even if you don’t necessarily make any money or if nobody but your relatives reads it. You may be writing just for yourself, to communicate and verbalize what I’m doing in your life, or your writing may end up blessing others with your words. It doesn’t matter. You just need to be faithful to ME and faithful to yourself.

You have an important voice. Plus, you have no idea how I may choose to take your meager offerings and make them into something great. Remember the kid with the loaves and fishes? I can take whatever you’ve got and use it to bless, encourage, and benefit people, including yourself. So keep at it. I don’t want you to write to punish you. I want to bless you, even if it’s only 10 people, not including your family, who read your stuff.”stock-vector-the-multiplication-of-the-loaves-and-fish-by-jesus-150307961

Abraham: “Gee, thanks Lord.”

The Lord: “You’re welcome…

By the way, I took care of Lot, but his wife didn’t make it.”

Abraham: “Oh, what happened to her.”

The Lord: “She didn’t do what I told her to do.”

Abraham: “I’m going to go write now.”

The Lord: “Good idea.”

14 thoughts on “Abraham, the writer, talks to God

  1. Travis, I’m glad you were obedient and wrote this blog. I also hope you’ll keep on writing and shining your light for the Lord. It really does matter! As one writer/blogger to another, I have had thoughts like you expressed here. But think of it this way: if ten people came to your house today to listen to something you had written, would it be worth it?
    Keep on keepin’ on, brother.
    God bless,
    Beckie from Spotlight, beckielindsey16.com


  2. When I get weary or envious or frustrated, my version of this post is: Does anybody know who introduced D. L. Moody to Jesus? Not a one of us – but what if that person had said “What difference does it make what I say?”
    He will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our mind on Him – we trust Him. Isaiah 26:3
    Write on, my brothers and sisters…xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice post, Travis! Very encouraging. I’d never thought of this account this way, but it really makes sense. I’m glad you shamelessly linked to other writers, because that’s how I came across this 🙂


    • Thanks Emily. I’m glad you enjoyed it. The “creative” perspective on God’s dealing with Abraham probably wouldn’t do for a sermon or lesson, but it seemed like a fun way to get the point across. Thanks for reading.


  4. Great job, Travis. Very creative. You’re talking our language. We feel that pain of wondering if anyone out there is listening or reading. Some of us can’t even get our family to read our stuff. HA. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I stumbled upon your blog (or it found me) and I immensely enjoyed it, in particular how you positioned the writing encouragement message in the conversation between Abraham and God. I am an aspiring writer with so much life experiences and lessons to share and I am at a crossroad on how to start. You have ignited a spark. Keep on writing Travis Hendley!


    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish you the very best in your writing. If you haven’t already done so. I would suggest looking into attending the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers conference that meets each summer. Wonderful folks who can really be a resource to a new writer.

      I hope you keep writing too!


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