Seasoned Individuals Who Flavor the World

727px--WANNA_KNOW_MY_SECRET^_CAREFUL_SEASONING-_-_NARA_-_516014I spent the last three years leading a Sunday School class of adult singles at church. I volunteered to teach the class hoping I could serve and bless them. Instead the people in the group served and blessed me.

On the surface I did not have a lot in common with the class. I was 32, while most of the members were in their late 40’s or 50’s. I had three kids and was married for almost 13 years, but most them were either never married, divorced, or widowed. How was a young married guy like me going to lead and mesh with this group? What did we have to offer one another?

I couldn’t say what I ultimately offered them in ways of growth, help, or spiritual nourishment, but I can certainly bear witness to how God used the members of the class to bless, teach, and show me how every day people can bring salt and light into a dark and dying world. Continue reading