Loaded Mashed Potatoes Are a Gift from God

Annie at DisneyAnnie was just a year and a half old when we took her to Disney World. She was quite overwhelmed by all of the sights and sounds, so we let her carry around her little security blanket. When she was tired or upset she would put it in her mouth, along with her two middle fingers, and suck on both the blanket and her fingers. Somehow this was soothing to her. (What soothes me are three warm gluten free chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk, but I digress).

This picture was taken when we were standing in line for a ride. I had grabbed the other end of the blanket and put it in my mouth. I remember Annie smiling, then grabbing the blanket from my mouth and then handing it back to me. This went on back and forth for several minutes. I couldn’t tell you what ride we went on or whether or not I liked it, but I will always remember playing with my daughter and her blanket at Disney. It was a tender and memorable moment between father and daughter.

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